The Vintage Style: Mont Blanc Le petit Prince

What do you look in accessories when you decide to buy one? Style, Details, Looks, and the value they are adding to your look & feel. Mont Blanc’s Le Petit Prince is a gem in the pen designs. Its classic design, look and feel gives you all the reason to own it. This pen is one of the most popular gift items and often passed down from one generation to another. The pen’s design has deep blue lacquer barrel with platinum-coated cap. Everything is exemplary about this pen.

What are the highlights of the design?

  • Let’s start with the packaging; the pen comes in a beautifully illustrated packaging featuring the prince and his fox. The packaging is very high quality with cushion inside to protect the pen.
  • These pens are designed with the concept to pass down to generations and the packaging shows it clearly, it’s really beautiful to see a pen based on the storybooks like Little Prince.
  • The designing is very complex with multiple engravings. It has multiple fox heads, even the nib has very detailed engravings on it of the prince and his fox.
  • Once you dip it in the ink it immediately goes in flow with the paper. This pen is a perfect tribute to imagination.

The idea behind creating this beautiful pen is the love for imagination and creativity. This pen is a perfect example that imagination has no limit- a high artistry pen, cutting-edge design and core collection.

If you are also an admirer of beautiful pens and like collecting one, visit Rama Watch co. for this special edition & collection.

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